Carnal Talk Podcast
Carnal Talk Podcast
Episode 008 with Belle

In episode 008 of Carnal Talk Podcast, Belle steps into the limelight as the podcast’s first anonymous interviewee.

A 36-year-old curly haired brunette spinner with perfect teardrop breasts. Belle hails from southern California and she initially doubted her ability to contribute to the podcast.   

But after a few off the record conversations with her it was apparent that she has a treasure trove of naughty stories.

From her experiences with Orgies, exploring anal, to hooking up with women, Belle’s journey unfolds with raw honesty and unexpected depth.

I first met Belle 18 years ago when she was just 17! I had no idea about her age; I simply found her cute.  

Despite my persistent pursuit over the years, she never showed any interest. But after 4-5 years, she finally warmed up to me, and we did manage to have some fun! I’m thrilled to welcome Belle to the show, our first Anonymous guest!

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